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The Worshipful Company
of Plumbers - Champagne Trip to Northern France

The Worshipful Company of Plumbers is one of the most ancient of the Livery Companies of the City of London, having served the City and the craft of plumbing continuously for over 650 years.

To celebrate this milestone, Events Plus was commissioned to put together a special weekend in northern France for the “Master of the Livery Company”.

My challenge was to organise a weekend that would meet the high demands of a group of senior business people who were well used to fine dining and ceremonious occasions.

Once I had agreement from the Master for the title of the weekend – “A Taste of Champagne”– we were off and running. We were keen to include the culture and history of Reims as well as the story of champagne.

The hallmark Events Plus mixture of fun and professionalism was very important for this group, as well as keeping an eye on the budget with free flowing champagne…

The gala dinner got off to a fine start with the “sabrage” ceremony – which is literally slicing open a bottle of champagne with a cavalry sword.

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Events Plus put together a superb weekend in Reims attended by 60 of our members. She managed to get all attendees, many of whom are elderly and independently-minded, out of the country and back again together on Eurostar without a hitch. Judie's organisational and language skills made it one of our most favourite and memorable trips. The accolades we received from those who attended were testament to this with many members talking about the trip many months later. Judie also kept a strong control over the budget making the whole event a huge success.

Master (2014-2015), The Worshipful Company of Plumbers