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How do we do it?


Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort

John Ruskin

My reputation has developed over many years from being able to take care of every aspect of your business event; checking that even the smallest - and seemingly inconsequential - element has been considered to ensure it is equal parts relaxing, enjoyable and highly professional.

Good event planning is not just about arranging what, when, who and where. The key element is "why". Certainly, you want your guests or delegates to enjoy themselves and derive benefit from attending, but a successful event also has a job to do. It must also be about how you can maximise your time, effort and expenditure.

It is about planning the finer points, reacting to the unexpected and dealing with the unforeseen.

My starting point for all events is to:

bullet understand what you are looking to achieve

bullet ensure all identified tasks are carried out effectively and in time

bullet focus on the detail and relieve you of administrative hassle

bullet provide professional advice and assistance throughout

bullet make recommendations from a substantial network of event industry professionals

bullet provide a voice of calm in times of stress. Really.

The key to an accomplished freelance event manager is an ability to just get on and do the job - whatever, whenever and wherever.

Thinking beyond the brief...

An event manager's role is to make the difference between a good event and an excellent one. Attention to detail is a given. Checking and re-checking is standard. But thinking of things that could happen and having a plan in place to deal with them, with minimum fuss, is something that underpins my business.

I get a kick out of being the person behind the scenes, the one who has already done the task before being asked to do it. Here's a typical example of the kind of thing I mean:

Airport Strike in Portugal

The news announced a possible strike of airport ground staff in Portugal on the day I was taking a group of 40 guests to the Algarve. I looked into alternative flights to southern Spain and the viability of taking coaches across the border. I put the costs together with the coach company and put them on notice. I compiled an alternative time schedule and dinner options for the group at the hotel. It turned out that the strike affected only outgoing flights on that one day - so we were lucky. From the client's perspective they hadn't seen that I had done anything extra, but I had been ready to switch plans if necessary to keep the show on the road.

Small details can make a big difference...

I like to walk through plans for the day and imagine myself as the speaker or guest. What is the first thing I would like to see when I arrive at the hotel or event? How will the lapel microphones be attached if I am not wearing a jacket? Every detail needs to be considered.

This approach proved invaluable when I was managing an event with panel speakers. My client wanted a relaxed Q&A session, which meant the panellists would be sitting in a semi-circle of chairs on a slightly raised stage - but without a table in front of them. I contacted the female speakers to let them know... this is what one of them had to say:


The combination of Judie's experience and detailed understanding of what makes an event work was impressive. She also discretely pointed out that an awkward stage height might need a careful wardrobe choice to prevent potential embarrassment on the day. I was extremely grateful for her advice!

Maeve Jackson, Marketing & BD Director, Farrer & Co

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As usual, the planning and attention to detail Judie and her team put in ensured that the day was a complete success, thoroughly enjoyed by all our customers.

MD UK and Ireland, NorthgateArinso